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To create the best, branded, stir-fry and healthy eating catering company in the UK, to be recognised for providing great food, entertainment and fast, efficient friendly service.

Team Temujin will create a prosperous, strong, catering company by providing unique, healthy, consistent and exciting eating experiences to all our clients in the form of restaurants, takeaways, outside catering and event catering using the Stir-fry concept.

We will also educate, inform and change the eating habits of all people who use us, creating happier and more stable communities.

Our values

  • The company strives to be an employer of choice, inspiring and developing the team through training, realising that our key to success must be the success of each and every employee.
  • We endeavour to be dedicated, disciplined and loyal, providing consistency, value and great service to all our clients.
  • Our team is a well disciplined, enthusiastic, fun loving group of people with great attitude, passion and integrity.
  • The business always strives to achieve the highest level of cleanliness, give direction, create endless opportunity and generates abundance through growth.