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Temujin specialises in endless Mongolian Stir-fry, providing ideal venues to have a totally different, totally unique and very exciting wedding, small or large. We are a brilliant cost effective alternative to the normal wedding and will help you plan your special day from the invites to the live band to your flowers. Like the food, your event can be plain or spicy, you choose. However, if you prefer, we will travel and bring our exciting experience to your chosen location in the form of our outside catering facility.

Endless Mongolian stir fry is where you and your guests experiment with stir-fry, making it an extremely healthy, exciting, entertaining and unique eating experience. Temujin was the birth name of the mighty Genghis Khan who ruled the great Mongol Empire for 45 years from 1182 AD where his warriors would cook thinly sliced meat, spices and vegetables on upturned shields in between battles creating a style of cooking known as “Mongolian Stir-Fry”.


Temujin, Sowerby Bridge, is on the 1st Floor of a grade II listed and regenerated warehouse overlooking the very scenic narrow boat mooring area in the beautiful canal basin of Sowerby Bridge. A beautiful setting anytime of the year for a wedding.


Our snacks, starters, mains and desserts are ideal for all tastes, including children, vegetarians and coeliacs. Our lamb and chicken are halal allowing us to cater for a wide range of diets including those who are fussy eaters or more adventurous ones.

    We offer a range of finger snacks and a selection of our great starters which can be adapted to finger snack status. We offer the ability to create a larger range of snacks should you require it.

    We have a long list of home made, healthy and delightful starters plus a small selection which are wheat and gluten free, we are also able to accommodate vegetarians adequately. These starters range from spring rolls to our beautiful home made sweetcorn fritters. We are able to size up or down using our starters as finger snacks or part of a 3 course meal option.

    The main course is the highlight of the Temujin Experience. This is where you go up to the fridge display, as many times as you wish, and  combine either a meat, ranging from crocodile to chicken, seafood, New Zealand green lipped mussels among them, or a protein, tofu or quorn, with a massive variety of vegetables. Hand your selection over to the chef who will stir-fry your creation in front of you, using oils, sauces and garnishes on your request. The choices are endless; literally…there are over 1 million different ways of creating a stir-fry with what we have on offer.

    We can tailor the fridge selection to your needs and bring in more exotic selections if requested including game meats, like zebra, ostrich or kangaroo and fish from around the world. Like the stir-fry the selection can be endless.

    We offer desserts to die for, from the purely indulgent to the fresh and healthy. Our selection of desserts are mainly home made and can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements including catering for vegetarians, coeliacs and children.


Along with an extensive wine list we offer a well stocked bar with an extensive range of beers from around the world. We have access to many more wines and beverages on request. We can operate a free or cash bar and can arrange discounts on many pre purchased products. Please ask for a quote and more information.


We can cater for any size wedding up to 75 people. The restaurant has three sections so we can cater for smaller and different sized groups. Our small bar area is ideal for parties of up to 14, the mid section for up to 20 and the large section for up to 45 people.


We can arrange anything from hard rock or classical to Elvis, different lighting to flowers and even a magician to fancy dress garments. We can theme your event from the invites right through to the wine label. The list is endless. What ever you require to make your event complete we can source, give you ideas or help in achieving your wish. Please ask for details.


Find out how we can help make it extra special


We operate a price per head system for the food. The price varies, depending on the start time of your celebration, the day of the week and the time of the year. Once the amount of people has been agreed we will fix the price to that amount and any extra guests over and above that amount will be charge separately. The price would include all food and pre arranged beverage to be consumed on the day and VAT. Please contact us to request a quote if appropriate.


Provisional booking of the date
Once you’ve spoken to us and confirmed availability of the date we will provisionally hold the date for at least 30 days. If we do not hear from you by the agreed date, the booking will automatically be released.

Confirmation of the booking
To secure your reception we will require a deposit of 25% of the general expected spend on food for the night which is refundable off your final bill.
We will agree the quantity of people at least 60 days before the event and once those details have been firmed up we will require a further 25% deposit making the total deposit 50% of the total food bill which is refundable off your final bill.
Ahead of your reception we will create your event plan, tailored to your requirements. This plan will outline your anticipated charges as well as important details for your day.


Full payment of the pre-ordered food and drink which will be detailed on the plan, and any other known costs must be settled seven days prior to the event. We require credit card details to be given as guarantee for all other expenses incurred on the day. If the full amount is not settled on the day of the event by any other cardholder, the outstanding balance will be charged to the card whose details we hold as a guarantor. Prices and products are only guaranteed upon full payment and may be subject to change at any time.


If you wish to cancel please inform the Events Team, verbally or in writing, as soon as possible. Credit card details will be held against cancellation and damages.

Cancellation Terms

  • Over 60 days before event - Return deposit minus any expenses incurred
  • 14 - 60 days before event - Forfeit Full 25% deposit and a charge for any expenses
  • 2 - 14 days before the event - Forfeit Full 50% deposit
  • 48 hours before the event - Forfeit Full 50% deposit and charged the remaining 50% plus any extra expenses incurred by the restaurant